Types of Real Estate Investment

There are several types of Real Estate Investment.
You might think “Real Estate Investment” sounds like you need a lot of money to start or it’s something that traditional landlords do. However, its environment has changed to where many people like a business man or self-employed can easily join.

Tangible Real Estate Investment

Actual Real Estate Investment means you actually purchase and own apartments or mansions. Normally Real Estate Investment means this type of investment. Its purpose is to gain rental income or profit from sales of real estate property.

Small Share Real Estate Investment

Each investor invests a small amount of money to hold a shared share of a property with other investors.
This enables many investors to invest in pricy real estate properties.
You can start a small amount to invest in real estate.

Real Estate Investment Trust

Another way to invest in Real Estate is through a fund such as REIT. It is similar to stock investment.
Funds invest fund collected from multiple investors in real estate properties such as commercial buildings and distribute a portion of profit made from rental income.

We will explain Tangible Real Estate Investment from next page.


Types of Real Estate Investment
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