Comparing to other investments

Every investment has its unique characteristics. Find one that’s best for you.

[Saving Account]

You can earn interests by putting money in a saving account.
Its return is promised 100% comparing to other types of investment.
However the interest is very tiny.
Low risk low return.

[Stock Investment]

You purchase stocks low and sell them high and the difference is your profit.
It might be hard to manage day trading if you are employed and working during a day.
Given unclear economy, it is very difficult for even a pro to predict which stock goes up.
High risk high return.

[Foreign Exchange]

Foreign Exchange or Forex requires a small budget to just start with using leverage.
Foreign Exchange market is moving 24/7. It is vulnerable to politics or economy.
High risk high return.

[Real Estate Investment]

Real estate rental business can be manageable even though rent or vacancy rate can be influenced by the economy. It is possible to pursue stable profit.
Once you own a real estate property, you can assign a real estate managing company to manage/take care of your property on behalf of you.
Real Estate Investment is recommended to a busy person as well.
Middle risk middle return.

Comparing to other investments
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