To sell higher

Everyone wants to sell their property for as high as possible.
Some property owner sells a property at the price that a real estate company just told based on their property evaluation. It is not impossible to raise the sales price if you know what to do to come up with selling points of the property and the best timing to sell.

First of all, ask multiple companies to evaluate your property.
You can find out how much the reasonable sales price would be.
Don’t sell short because the first company tells you so. Without comparing evaluations by multiple companies, it would be a waste.

Things to watch out for are:
・major repair has been done 
・raise occupancy rate 
・raise rent
・think about the best timing to
・ask a real estate agent who is good at dealing with profitable real estate
・Tell your agent strong points about your property

In other words, try to make your customers think that they want to purchase your property.
If there are many customers who want to purchase your property,your sales price will rise.

Try to sell your property according to your selling plan.

To sell higher
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