Timing for selling your property

If you are thinking about selling your property, you should think about these three timings.

When economy is on the up rise

It’s good to sell your property when economy is booming and about to go up.
People expect price of real estate will go up along with the economy uprise.

When banks are willing to lend you money

As banks feel more comfortable loaning money, many people would be able to purchase real estate.
That creates the situation where properties sell at higher price than they should because there are only a few properties out in the market. Many banks end their fiscal year in March so they try to push in your selling deal by the end of the month to try to fill the quota.

When tax law is changing

Income tax for real estate transfer would be drastically different whether the owning period is more than 5 years.
Tax you pay is cheaper if you own your property for more than 5 years.
Also right before consumption tax goes up, there are many demands to purchase real estate.


Timing for selling your property
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