Reforming is necessary in order to keep stable rental income and high occupancy rate.
There are mainly two types of reforming.

Reforming to get a new tenant

This should be the minimum reforming such as wallpaper re-covering, floor re-covering, house cleaning, and broken equipment replacing. These are the things that have to be done at least as the owner in order to get a new tenant.

Reforming to raise rent

Reforming to raise rent may be for an intermediate level real estate owner. Knowing and understands the needs from tenants must be required so this is a bit hard to do for beginners. However you could try it with some advice from professionals or partners.

On average, your tenant has visited about 3 other properties before he/she came to yours.
For each visit, he/she spends about 5 to 10 minutes. Just it. Not many tenants check every detail of a room. Therefore it is best to focus on making the first immersion of the room great when you work on reforming.
In order to keep your tenant stay long, of course not just the look of the room but try to do a nice reform so that your tenant feels comfortable living in your apartment.


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