How to choose Property Management Company

There are many companies out there that provide property managing service. 
But they differ in contents and quality of services. 

◆Keeping documents organized

In order to do property management properly, keeping records and data is important.
Your property management company has to keep data such as a name of the repair company, inspection records, or claim history. Most companies have all the records and documents but you should be careful if they give you vague answers when you ask them questions.

◆Ways to find new tenants
Finding new tenants take a huge part in running rental business. 
Each property management company has unique difference when it comes to finding tenants.
But it’s difficult to know which company has the most chance of getting new customers for your property.

The ways that a company uses to find tenants would be listing on papers, advertising on paper or internet, recommending at store, or putting up signboard. However, it would be really helpful if they have a connection with university or corporation in the area. 

◆Planning & Suggesting Ability 

Your property gets damaged as it ages.
If a proper repair has done to it, it would stay in a good condition for long.

One of the jobs for a property management company is to give you a good advice about your property. 
They have lots of information such as average rent or a balance of rental demands and supplies in that area.
If they can suggest a repair plan or other ideas that you as the owner couldn’t come up with, that would be the most ideal. The final decision should be made by the owner but having a good partner would maximize profitability of your property thanks to their appropriate advices.  

In addition to things above, these are some lists to pay attention to when choosing a property management company.

・Your rep knows the area well 
・Your rep is willing to take responsibility 
・Your rep is energetic and nice
・You need to find out pros and cons about a company
・You should check actual properties that they are managing now
・You can trust a company in finding tenants
・Good atmosphere in the company office
・Fast reaction to trend change
・Your rep knows market value of rent 
・How your rep deals with rent in arrears

Finding the best property management company would be the key to succeed. 

How to choose Property Management Company
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