Running Costs for Building Maintenance

Running costs occur to maintain your whole building or apartment.
Here are some of the examples.

Regular Cleaning Fee・・・Cleaning for public areas
Electricity and Water Fee・・・For entrance and hall way
Trash Disposal Fee・・・For some municipal trash disposal fee may occur
Elevator Inspection Fee・・・You can choose plans either POG or full maintenance
Fire Inspection Fee・・・Fire extinguisher or other emergency equipments must be stored
Water Tax Inspection & Cleaning Fee・・・Costs associated with inspection or cleaning water tank
Septic Tank Inspection & Cleaning Fee・・・Costs associated with inspection or cleaning septic tank
Town Fee・・・For some municipal town fee may be charged
Security Fee・・・Costs paid to security company

These costs may vary from property to property.
Usually for a whole residential building without an elevator, rate of running costs over rent would be around 20%, with an elevator would be 25%.


 Running Costs for Building Maintenance
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