Reason for not putting property information on REINS

REINS is the system where only real estate company can log in and deal with selling/buying real estate.

Depending on types of brokerage, certain information of the property has to be registered and disclosed.

However there are many agents who don’t list all the information that’s necessary.

Reason is obvious and easy. They want to keep it to themselves and close the deal on their own.

They can make twice as much if they could find both a seller and a buyer altogether.

That’s why they don’t put the property information on REINS because they would like to introduce only to their customers.


Also sometimes some real estate company would put property information on REINS but to inquires they would always answer “it’s been pending” or “negotiating” so that they can turn down any offers.


This kind of enclosure has been problematic.


Reason for not putting property information on REINS
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