Status Screening

Here is a list of factors for status screening.


How many years left until the completion of loan repayment. The younger the better.

・Length of service

How many years on the job. The longer the better.

・Type of Employment

How stable income is. Full time worker is at least required.


How big company is. The bigger company the better.

・Work Industry

Complied with the law. No life threatening. How stable.  e.g. mafia, army, self employed 

・Annual Income

Possible to make loan repayment without any rental income. The higher the better.

・Length of Dwelling

How long living in the same house. The longer the better.

・Type of Dwelling

Own the house or lease. 


Any joint guarantor. Any spouse. If there is a spouse working, income will be jointly considered.

・Asset Status

How much capitol. How much debt.

・Health Status

Healthy mentally and physically. Possible to join the group credit life insurance.

When banks look at your status, these are considered and used to determine whether to give a loan or not.

Status Screening
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