Regarding Bank Loan

Real Estate is such an expensive shopping costing several million JPY at the cheapest.
If you are thinking to increase your real estate portfolio over the years, a loan from a bank is necessary.

Having knowledge about a loan gives you more strategic options and speed to expand your assets.
Many people want to go to the bank and apply for the loan but the truth is it’s hard to get one. They can’t move on to the next step.

First of all, banks make money by loaning to others.
Bankers are also a business person like you are.
They also have the norm for loaning and want to lend if possible.

So why can’t they get a loan?

Because they do NOT meet the bank’s loan clearance criteria.
The most important thing for the banks when it comes to loaning is
“Is it possible to get the money back including interests?”.

It’s important to know how each bank evaluates and their criteria so that you can get a loan.
Understanding that and looking at properties from banks’ point of view would make it possible to purchase your second and third property.

Bring the property that meets bank’s loan criteria, not the property you like.

Regarding Bank Loan
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