Documents necessary for Loan Screening

There are many documents that need to be prepared for loan screening.

Makes sure you have everything ready so that the bank can prioritize your matter.


◆Documents regarding Property

・Property Outline

・Rent Roll

・Copy of Sales Contract and Important Description

・Certificate of Valuation of Fixed Assets

・Registration (Land & Building)

・Cadastral Map or Residential Map

・Land Survey Map

・Building Layout Drawing

・Building Confirmation Note


◆Documents regarding Applicant

・Loan Application Form

・Identification (Driver’s License or Passport)

・Payment schedule for any loan that you currently have

・Documents for properties you currently own

・Evidence for your assets (Bank statement, Insurance Paper)

・Certificate of Tax Payment (Part 1 & 2)

・Resident Card or Certification of Information Recorded on Foreign Resident Registration File (issued within 3 months)


Documents necessary for Loan Screening
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