Comparing Loan 

What do you need to check when you compare many kinds of apartment loan from various banks?

◆Loan Interest 

Loan amount for real estate would be pretty big. So a little difference of interest rate could have a huge impact on your cash flow. Choosing a low interest rate brings up your rental profit.

◆Loan Amount

If a loan amount is big, you can use a leverage effect which speeds up asset expansion.

◆Repayment Period

Repayment period is a key factor. To maximize your cash flow, a certain length of loan period is needed.
Short period has a higher risk of being default.

◆Possibility for Loan Prepayment

Make sure if loan prepayment is possible and how much the fee is.

◆Individual or Corporate

Make sure if only individual or corporate name can be used for a loan.
To expand Real Estate Investment, applying for loan as a corporate is going to be important and necessary.


Comparing Loan 
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